chapter  4
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Van Reede abroad 1684–1691

WithJ. Heniger

The inspection of the Cape lasted from 21 April to 16 July 1685. From the first moment Hendrik Adriaan Van Reede did not leave any doubt about the fact that he had come to restore the authority of Lords XVII, to trace abuses, and to punish the culprits severely. Van Reede did not confine himself only to the settlement at Table Bay. In the company of Isaac de Saint-Martin, Johannes Bacherus, and commander Van der Stel he made a tour of fifteen days, 16–31 July, in an open vehicle drawn by four lean mules in the hinterland of the Cape Colony. Van der Stel was greatly relieved by the coming of Van Reede. The latter delivered him from Van Goens, but what is more, in Van Reede he found an inspector with whom he could amply exchange views about the cultivation and the examination of plants and the exploration of the new territories.