chapter  5
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WithJ. Heniger

In this chapter, the author explains to the fact that apart from the drawings of Hortus Malabaricus none of Hendrik Adriaan Van Reede's personal possessions have been preserved. On 11 December, the day on which Van Reede took leave of Lords XVII, Huydecoper previously paid a special visit to her. In his will of 17 September 1691 Van Reede nominated Francina van Reede his sole heiress. The true identity of this lady is rather obscure. The opinions of the biographers are divided: she is said to have been a bastard daughter, or an adoptive daughter, or even a legitimate daughter of Van Reede. An important factor for the future inquiry into the inheritance of Van Reede is the last will of 5 February 1737, which Elisabth Antonia drew up immediately before her marriage. She nominated her prospective bridegroom as her sole heir, 'with the exclusion of all and any persons who might be relat.