chapter  6
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WithJ. Heniger

Of Hortus Malabaricus three editions are known. The original Latin edition, in folio, consisting of twelve volumes, was published in Amsterdam in 1678–1693; a title-page reissue of volume 1 appeared in Amsterdam in 1686. A Dutch edition, in folio, of the volumes 1 and 2, Malabaarse Kruidhof, translated by Abraham van Poot, was published in Amsterdam in 1689; a title-page reissue of this work appeared in The Hague in 1720. Hortus Malabaricus contains three types of illustrations: Van Reede's portrait, the frontispiece of several volumes, and the plant engravings. The portrait also occurs in the first volume of Malabaarse Kruidhof. Hortus Malabaricus counts only one type of frontispiece. It occurs, with different inscriptions and legends, in the volumes 1 and 3, and also in volume 1 of Malabaarse Kruidhof. Hortus Malabaricus contains 791 uncoloured plant engravings in all, of which 712 are in double-folio and 79 in folio, depicting 729 kinds of plants.