chapter  1
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Analysis of Some Standard Types of Heat Exchangers on an Elementary Basis

WithHolger Martin

The stirred tank, or stirred vessel, is one of the simplest and, at the same time, most versatile types of apparatus used in process engineering. In the model shown in Fig. 1.1, the vessel is put together from cylindrical, annular, and spherical shell segments according to structural analysis. The lower part has a double-walled construction with inlet and outlet headers, so that the contents of the vessel may be heated or cooled by a medium flowing through the jacket. In Fig. 1.2, this apparatus is drawn schematically with its most important functional features. The flows of mass and energy entering and leaving the vessel and the jacket are inserted into the sketch as arrows and denoted by symbols, such as Ṁ for mass flow rate, Q̇ for heat flow rate, and Ẇ for stirrer power, which are, if necessary, identified by subscripts for position, time, or state. A stirred tank with jacket. Stirred tank: sketch, streams, symbols.