chapter  2
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Influence of Flow Configuration on Heat Exchanger Performance

WithHolger Martin

The stirred tank has been treated with a jacket for steam heating. Because of the unlimited specific heat capacity of condensing steam, this is a special case, with vanishing change of temperature of the vapor stream. Tubular heat exchangers may be built from a single row of tubes in a rectangular frame. Such arrangements are typically used as air coolers with the liquid in the tubes (stream 1) and air in cross flow over the tubes (stream 2). A shell-and-tube heat exchanger has two tube-side passes and two baffles. On the shell side, this results in three compartments where the fluid is essentially in crossflow to the tubes. For reasons of safety or spatial constraints, it may be necessary to carry out heat transfer between two streams not directly in one apparatus, but in two separate heat exchangers coupled by a circulating heat carrier.