chapter  3
The Treaty of Muhammad with the Najrn Christians
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The treaty of Muhammad with the Najrn Christians is recorded in Ibn Sa’d’s Kitb al-T.abaqt al-Kabr.1 Required taxes of cloth will be paid to the Muslims.2 The messengers of Muhammad are to be well hosted, for around twenty days when they come to collect payments, but they should not stay for more than a month. The Najrnians will support the Prophet in any wars in Yemen with a loan of thirty horses, thirty camels, and thirty chain-mail coats. These will be returned to Najrn after their use by the Prophet’s army. The lands, houses, and churches of Najrn are under the Prophet’s protection, along with the people and their faith. “No bishop will be removed from his diocese, no monk from his monastry [sic], and no trustee from his trust.” Usury is not permitted. Any claim to rights will be heard justly, “and oppression of the people of Najrn (will not be tolerated)”. No one will be blamed for the deeds of others. The treaty is guaranteed by Allah and his prophet.3