chapter  9
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Phase 1 (11/632-114/733) The earliest informative text we have is The Disputation of John and the Emir (c.23/644) which seems to indicate that the Emir accepted not only the Torah, but the input of Jews on its interpretation as well.1 This may allude to the Emir’s knowledge of Q42:13 in which Christianity and Judaism are included with Islam as the same religion. The indication of the Patriarch to the Emir that Christians follow the instructions of the Gospel seems to have satisfied the Emir’s questioning. The meeting was subsequently adjourned and nothing further was requested of the Patriarch. The letter also claims to record only a few of the things discussed during the meeting. It is noted in a report by Dionysius of Tel-Mahre that, subsequent to this meeting, the Emir commissioned an Arabic translation of the Gospel.2 Perhaps the Emir took an agnostic position himself on the main issues, to wait for the witness of the Injl to sort out the truth.