chapter  17
The crucifixion
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There has been a considerable amount of research produced on this topic in recent years. A comprehensive survey is beyond what is necessary here.1 An abbreviated survey and analysis of mainline and innovative approaches will be made. Tisdall proposes that the Qur’anic denial of Jewish responsibility for the crucifixion was perhaps due to the Biblical testimony that it was the Romans who crucified him. This is noted again predictably in conjunction with the Qur’anic testimony that Jesus is indeed able to die (Q3:55, 19:33, 4:159). Nevertheless, Tisdall eventually concedes a Qur’anic denial of the crucifixion event, though remarking that it does so in spite of the evidences that, “(1) the prophets foretold it; (2) the Gospel relates it; (3) the Apostles testify to it; (4) the Jews confess it; and (5) so do the Romans, as their historians testify.”2