chapter  25
Concluding thoughts
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Nasr outlines seven major issues that continue to plague the relationship between Christians and Muslims:

1. The Nature of God 2. The Finality of Revelation 3. The Status of Scripture 4. Sacred Language 5. Sacred Law 6. The Life of Christ 7. Modernism1

These categories coincide with and contain the major themes which have been addressed above, indicating that little has changed in the major arenas for dialogue. Though some narratives which were developed for war, such as whether or not Allah of the Qur’an is Yahweh of the Bible, have been more or less closed, the great themes which dominated the growing early dialogue are great themes in dialogue still. Yet even Nasr notes that,

The obstacles mentioned above must not be considered insurmountable. They are discussed here, not to cause discouragement, but to present the reality of the present situation beyond political niceties and diplomatic decorum. Problems must first be stated in honesty before they can be solved. We believe, in fact, that with good will, love for truth and charity, rather than passion, fanaticism and love for power, most of these obstacles can be overcome.2