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There are certain definite principles which decide whether I should prefer the objective or the so-called subjective interpretation. You are aware perhaps that there are subtle differences in the ways of using the words subjective and objective. I must make it quite clear that the subjective interpretation does not mean what one ordinarily designates as subjective-that a subjective opinion is not very substantial for instance, that it is personal, just what you think about it, but by no means sure to be an objective truth. I don't use the word subjective in that sense. When I say that a dream is correctly interpreted on the subjective level, I mean that the image in the dream primarily or exclusively refers to the subject himself; and in an interpretation on the objective level, the image refers to an object, another person than himself. It is exceedingly important to know when to apply a subjective and when an objective interpretation. The general criterion is: when a person in a dream is known to you intimately, playing a role in your life at the present moment, one may consider an interpretation on the objective level, because the object is then important. But be very careful not to make mistakes here. According to the Freudian point of view, the person of whom you dream is a disguise for another person-~me person is substituted for another.