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Associations: The sea: Here he uses a German term meaning the primordial medium of life. Evolution began in the ocean and the first germ of life appeared there. One could call the sea the womb of nature. The majestic rollers that come in from the sea: "One could say that our unconscious is like that. The unconscious sends powerful waves with almost certain regularity into our conscious, which is like the valley that contains the bay." He uses a simile that I have often noticed my patients expressing, that the conscious is like a bay, or lacuna in the unconscious, connected with the sea but separated by a dam or peninsula. He continues, "It is tranquillizing and at the same time most interesting to watch those waves. Speaking in that way our conscious is moved by the up and down movement of the unconscious." He means that the unconscious movement is a sort of rhythmic respiration of nature, like Goethe's idea of "diastole and systole." This is the first kind of movement, as in the protozoa. The movement of extraversion and introversion is what he is aiming at.