It worried me a great deal, so I went into its
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You see, our prognosis fits the dream. In practical analysis I can usually see what the next dream will be. I could not pledge myself, of course, but in a dream like the one before this, where we have extraordinary intuition leading far away above the man's mental situation and a figure (Eros) appears beckoning from afar, we can be sure that the dreamer has overdone himself and has got a glimpse of something that he is not up to at all. There is nothing so disappointing as such a far-reaching vision; it leaves you high and dry, fully convinced that it is far beyond you. You go deeper down than ever when you cannot attain to it. In the interpretation of that dream (which was not as full as that given here) I had to take him to a spiritual atmosphere that he was not used to at all. The air was too thin, too spiritual, so it simply tickled all his devils. When


people go too far in spiritualizing sex they are led into a sexual orgy, the eternal serpent of the abyss will react and bite, so this man was led into a regression. That is the reason why in this dream he is led down into the sea, but it is not a real regression, he is not really drowned. The truth is that in reality it is a brothel, just the truth artificially dressed up.