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Dr. jung: Yes, it is a well-known fact that the police are in alliance with brothels and such places. Compartment psychology is really due to conventional morality, which says that certain things are provided by the state. Being a citizen under the law you are allowed to use that instrument. I remember a long time ago meeting an American on board a transatlantic steamer. He was a conventional married man, who had fallen in love with a young girl, and he wanted to fire his wife and marry the girl. He asked my opinion about it, and I said: "Is your wife objectionable?" "No." "Have you any children?" "Yes, five." "And you are just putting her out into the street?" "But," he said, "I married her under the law, and the law also stands for divorce. I can divorce her under the law." That is compartment psychology all right. As long as you are under police protection, such morality produces a perfectly soulless condition. Where there is no soul there is no synthesis. A perfectly sane man once said to me: "You can do anything you please as long as the police do not know about it." However, he had terrible nightmares and neurotic symptoms because he did as he damned pleased, and he did not connect the two facts. There is a law in ourselves which allows certain things and not others. The expediency of a persona attitude in a conscious person can be conventional morality for one who is unconscious. I have no use for a man who believes in conventional morality. He can be a criminal just as well, but be within conventional morality and consider himself respectable. The man who does wrong and knows that it is wrong can change. He is not wronging his own soul. It is murderous for the human soul to help people to make these compartments. It is a sin against the Holy

Ghost to have such a morality. There is no development under the law of conventional morality. It leads to compartment psychology, and how can a man develop when he forgets what his compartments contain? Such a man can do anything under the law, he can say, "Oh yes, but that was years ago."