It appeared in the Eleusinian mysteries,
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He saw a man dropping from a sort of aeroplane. That was not quite clear, it was something between an airship and an aeroplane, it looked rather strange; it was a yellow triangular shape which seemed to be filled with gas, and it was not very far from the ground--only a bit higher than a house. The man dropped from it by means of a parachute into a meadow in the immediate neighbourhood of the dreamer's house. He went there at once and saw that the man got up rather slowly and painfully and was trying to move his right hand, which seemed to be injured. It began to swell at the joint and looked as if it might be broken. The dreamer asked him if he needed something to bandage it, but the man himself

opened a parcel that he carried and took out some stuff to bind it up. He obviously tried to help himself.