chapter  VII
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The Philosophy of History

BEING, for dialectical logic, is a process through contra· dictions that determine the. content and development of all reality. The Logic had elaborated the timeless structure of this process, but the intrinsic connection, between the Logic and the other parts of the system, and, above all, the implications of the dialectical method destroy the very idea of timelessness. The Logic had shown that the true being is the idea, but the idea unfolds itself 'in space' (as nature) and 'in time' (as mind).1 Mind is of its very essence affected by time, for it exists only in the temporal process of history. The forms of the mind manifest themselves in time, and the history of the world is an exposition of mind in time.2 The dialectic thus gets to view reality temporally, and the 'negativity' that, in the Logic, determined the process of thought appears in the Philosophy of History as the destructive power of time.