chapter  4
Environmental Information on the Internet for a Fee
WithMichael Katz, Dorothy Thornton
Pages 5

Many commercial information services are also available via the Internet. These services are generally billed to a credit card. You may set up the account via the Internet, telephone, or fax.

If you are concerned about security over the Internet (and you should be, if you are typing in your credit card number), then make sure you are using the latest version of Netscape and Mosaic or similar programs that offer secure encrypted transmissions of data. In Netscape, a graphic key at the bottom left of the screen indicates whether or not you are connected to a compatible secure web page.

Although there is a wealth offree information that you can obtain via the Internet, it is usually from the government. Most newspapers, journals, and other publications are not freely available or do not provide the ability to search through current or past articles.

The following list of commercial information services is not comprehensive, but each provides potentially useful environmental information.