chapter  2
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Relational theory: a two-person psychology model in the helping process

In this chapter, we will discuss the major premises of relational theory in the context of how therapeutic changes for the clients take place in the helping process. In remaining true to its theoretical origin, we will utilize some of the key psychodynamic concepts and parlance in our discussion of relational theory as they are applied to an insight-oriented psychotherapy modality in the first half of the chapter. We will then expand our discussion to practice implications for other service models in the helping process. While counseling and psychotherapy services are often perceived as the major venues of psychological growth for clients, we believe that there are clinical and therapeutic aspects embedded in concrete service coordination and delivery. We agree with many relational theorists that even time-limited approaches that emphasize the support for and empowerment of clients have the potential to strengthen their interpersonal and coping capacities, as well as their social functioning (Borden, 2000; Floersch and Longhofer, 2004).

Evolvement of treatment focus