chapter  1
Intimate Conversations Ways of working with the Centre for Performance Research
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My veteran status as Chief Helmswoman on Mothership CPR affords me a particular and long view of its inside workings (as well as of its many thousands of visitors and territories visited over the years). And so, by way of introduction to this section on Ways of Working, I here offer a view from the bridge in the form of a few background notes as context to the ship’s current course from There, to Here-and-Now, and onto Where? (But consider yourself duly warned that, having now foolishly alighted on the Point of No Return in the Realm of Abject Allusion, Mixed Metaphor, Atrocious Alliteration and Irritating Italics, I, at least, am stuck here for multum in parvo testing.)

Note 1 The Mission Statement

The primary mission of this ship of fools is to pan and sift through the shifting sands of theatre and performance, to dig to uncover origins and roots, to extend boundaries, perception and possibilities, seeking out the affective and the effective (the grain of sand in the oyster) of whatever complexion, shape and form and wherever it may be found. Critical to mission planning therefore (as well as writing funding applications) is an understanding of the difference between ‘affect’ and effect’ (but we will always muddle aims and objectives as a matter of syllogistic principle).