chapter  11
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'At school I am just like everyone else': teenage pregnancy, schooling and educational outcomes

For some time we have been involved in research teams1 conducting inquiries into the educational and training participation and transitions of young people in Australia during what are often called the post-compulsory years of schooling. In particular, we have been concerned with those at risk of limited participation, and early exit from education and training settings, due to intersections of personal and structural factors that produce alienation and/or exclusion (Angwin et al. 2001; Blackmore et al. 2003). Recently, these inquiries have led us to investigate the role of Learning Networks2 in understanding and managing risk in settings where 15-to 19-year-olds are positioned on the margins as participants in education and training (Shacklock 2005). One of these investigations, and our focus in this chapter, concerns the participation of pregnant and parenting students in mainstream educational settings (Harrison 2005).