chapter  17
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Parents' Sensitivity to the Child's Creative and Spiritual Core: An Overlooked Consideration in Child Custody Determinations

The spiritual in the child reaches for understanding oflife beyond "the given" and established, and seeks to be a participant in life's creative evolution. This mayor may not involve a belief in a supreme being or theistic force or come out of, or gravitate toward any organized religion. Many children make use of existing religion, myths, stories, and morality to grope toward their own spirituality, but others start from scratch and invent their own stories, enactments, and characters to represent how their mind and soul are struggling with the deepest questions and concerns within them. As Coles (1990) states, "Children try to understand not only what is happening to them, but why; and in doing that, they call upon the religious life they have experienced, the spiritual values they have received" (p. 100). However, if organized religion is too condemning of certain aspects of a child's experiences or behaviors or too demanding of conformity to existent dogma, it can be a threat to the development of the child's spirit).lallife.