chapter  8
Bodies and Knowledges: Feminism and the Crisis of Reason
Pages 30

My aim in this article is to exacerbate, rather than dissolve, what is commonly regarded as “ t h e crisis of Reason.” This crisis has threatened to infect all knowledges, particularly in the humanities and social sciences, although the natural sciences are not immune to its implications either. This crisis has methodological, epistemological, and political implications for metatheoretical conceptions of knowledge or knowledge production; it entails reconceiving the sources, aims, and goals of the form and functioning of knowledges. I intend to outline one of the lines of attack available to feminist theory in its challenge to many of the founding presumptions and methodological criteria governing knowledges by examining (re-) explorations of the body and drawing out some implications of acknowledging the body in the production and evaluation of knowledge.