chapter  9
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An Unlikely Couple: The Significance of Difference in White Palace

If unlikely couple films require the presence of an obstacle to the couple's formation-thus explicitly linking the social characteristics of the two partners to their narratives-they also include an opposing narrative tendency, one that supports the formation of the couple, namely the romantic attraction between the two partners. In some cases, the desire between the two partners is not predicated on the social difference between them, giving credence to the old saw that "love is blind;" in other cases, the desire is itself implicated in society's assessment of social difference, as when the "otherness of the other" is seen as sexually alluring. In these films, romantic love is generally depicted as antithetical to social difference, as a counter-tendency to the attribution of significance to difference. Insofar as the films favor the overcoming of difference, love is the social force they recognize as antagonistic to a hierarchically structured society.2