chapter  3
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The Possibility of Feminist Theory

Imagine that a single individual had written up an exhaustive description of a sedated elephant as observed from one spot for one hour and then, with delighted self-satisfaction, had heralded that achievement as a complete, accurate and profound account of The Elephant.1 The androcentrism of the accumulated philosophy and science of the “western” world is like that. A few, a few men, have with a like satisfaction told the story of the world and human experience-have created what pretends to be progressively a more and more complete, accurate and profound account of what they call “Man and His World.” The Man whose (incomplete) story this is turns out to be a species of males to which there is awkwardly, problematically and paradoxically appended a subspecies or alterspecies of individuals which men are born of but which are not men. It is, to put it mildly, a story which does not fit women and in which women do not fit.