chapter  13
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Can There Be a Feminist Science?

The question of this title conceals multiple ambiguities. Not only do the sci­ences consist of many distinct fields, but the term “science” can be used to refer to a method of inquiry, a historically changing collection of practices, a body of knowledge, a set of claims, a profession, a set of social groups, etc. And as the sciences are many, so are the scholarly disciplines that seek to understand them: philosophy, history, sociology, anthropology, psychology. Any answer from the perspective of some one of these disciplines will, then, of necessity, be partial. In this essay, I shall be asking about the possibility of theoretical natural science that is feminist and I shall ask from the perspective of a philosopher. Before beginning to develop my answer, however, I want to review some of the ques­ tions that could be meant, in order to arrive at the formulation I wish to address.