chapter  3
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Geography of Wealth Creation in Cities

Employment opportunities and living conditions are bound up with the prosperity of cities. And, within a city, the neighbourhood or suburb in which a household can afford to live may be equally critical to access to work and quality of life (see Chapter 6). The composition of a city’s economic base has a major bearing on the range of occupations on offer and access to jobs. Urban areas where inner-city jobs were once plentiful for female machinists in textiles, footwear and clothing, or for male stevedores or assembly line workers, may now be engaged in bidding wars to attract the suburban call centres and back offices that hire predominantly female ‘pinkcollar’ workers. Displaced workers who are unable to retrain and get work locally are often urged to migrate to other regions where labour is in demand. Indeed, there is much greater labour migration between cities and regions in North America than in Europe or Australasia (see Chapter 5).