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Volume 3, Numbers 3 & 4, Fall & Winter 1997

Hope Landrine is a Black clinical and health psychologist. She received her PhD in clinical psychology from the University of Rhode Island, postdoctoral training in social psychology at Stanford University, and postdoctoral training in cancer prevention as a National Cancer Institute Fellow in the Department of Preventive M edicine, University o f Southern California M edical School. A Senior Research Scientist at the Public Health Foundation (Los Angeles County), her research focuses on the health o f women and of ethnic-cultural minorities. Her outstanding research in both areas has gained her Fellow status in APA Divisions 35 (Psychol­ ogy of W om en) and 45 (Psychology of Ethnic M inorities), more than $1 million in grants, the 1996 Association of W om en in Psychology Distinguished Publica­ tion Award, and numerous other awards. Her books include Bringing Cultural Diversity to Feminist Psychology: Theory, Research, Practice (APA, 1995), and with Elizabeth Klonoff, African American Acculturation: Deconstructing Race and Reviving Culture (Sage, 1996), Preventing M isdiagnosis o f Women: A Guide to Physical Disorders That Have Psychiatric Symptoms (Sage, 1997), and Dis­ crimination Against Women: Prevalence, Consequences, Remedies (Sage, 1997).