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Partner Violence

Battering by an intimate partner is the single most common cause of injuries to women requiring medical intervention, accounting for more injuries than autom o­ bile accidents, muggings, and rapes combined. An estimated 1 million women each year seek medical assistance for injuries resulting from such battering (see G ood­ man, Koss, & Russo, 1993a). Injuries vary widely, and can include black eyes, cuts, bruises, concussions, bites, burns, bone fractures, dam age to hearing and vision, and knife and bullet wounds (Browne, 1992; Goodman, Koss, & Russo, 1993a). Other health consequences include anxiety, depression, substance abuse, com ­ plaints o f sexual dysfunction, recurrent vaginal infections, sleeping and eating disorders, and suicide attempts. Victims of violence are also more likely to suffer pain in the form of chronic headaches as well as abdominal, joint, and muscle pain (see Koss & Heslet, 1992; Stark & Flitcraft, 1996).