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Findings. A3x2M

ANOVA was conducted to examine the relation o f abuse level (no abuse, physical or sexual abuse, physical and sexual abuse) and income group (lower income, higher income) to self-esteem, depressive symptoms, per­ ceived health status, and life satisfaction variables. The overall Fs for abuse level and income group were significant. Table 1 contains the means, standard deviations, univariate F, and r f results for these analyses for the direct effects o f abuse level

TA B LE 1 W eighted M eans and S tandard D eviations fo r S elf-Esteem , D epressive Sym ptom s,

P erce ived Health Status, and Life S atisfaction by A buse and Incom e G roup

Variable M SD F Value’' rp G roup

C om parison

Self-esteem N o abuse 36.10 4.22 2 . 0 1 1 < 2 , 3 Physical o r sexual abuse 35.71 4.27 . 0 2 Both 33.85 6.32

L ow er incom e 34.01 5.04 23.45** 1 < 2 H igher incom e 37.15 3.45 .06