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Relationship Characteristics

As shown in Table 2, 16% of the women reported that they had multiple sexual partners in the previous 2 months; 23% reported that they had a regular sexual partner whom they knew or believed engaged in high HIV risk behavior; 38% had a regular sexual partner who they knew or believed did not inject drugs or have sex with other people; and 23% reported they were not sexually active in the past 2 months. Thus, almost 40% of the women in the sample were at potentially elevated risk either because they had multiple partners or had sex with a single and steady but high-risk male partner. Among the entire sample, the women reported an average of .93 male sexual partners in the past 2 months (SD = .85, range = 0-11 partners) and an average of 7.1 intercourse occasions over the past 2 months (median = 4.0, SD = 10.5, range = 0 -64 occasions).