chapter  4
Maximizing Psychotherapeutic and Psychopharmacological Outcomes: The Psychiatrist's Role in Managed Care
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I can vividly recall my first week of college in 1957 and seeing a poster trumpeting the mental health care team in action. A male psychiatrist was in the forefront, with a nurse, a social worker, a psychologist, psychiatric aide, and a chaplain in the background. The identity and role of the psychiatrist was clearly that of expert healer as well as leader of the treatment team composed of other disciplines in supportive roles. Now, however, the identity and role of the psychiatrist is not quite so clear, particularly in managed care settings. A rather common, stereotypic view of the managed care psychiatrist is someone practicing secondrate medicine in a small back office, writing prescriptions, and signing off charts (Schneider-Braus, 1992). Today, a poster about managed care mental health might well show the psychiatrist in the background serving in a supportive role and function!