chapter  5
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Across the Profession

With a systematic division of labor, hundreds of professions appear and exist in contemporary society. While individual professions expand in particular fi elds with specifi c tasks to tackle, they all involve and invoke a classifi catory system, a hierarchy, or a bureaucracy to categorize, organize, and diff erentiate individual participants or practitioners in terms of access, compensation, professional privilege, power, and fame (Abbott 1988; Hatch 1988; Jones 1991; Macdonald 1995; Coltrane 2004; Lynch 2006; Lattimore et al. 2009; Bureau and Suquet 2009; Saks 2010; Corey, Corey, and Callanan 2011; Hamilton 2011; Jakobsen, Hansen, and Eika 2011; Judson and Harrison 2012; Dzienkowski 2012).