chapter  1
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Methodological Approach

What is everyday life? Everyday life is the life lived day to day by all individuals in society. It involves physical maintenance, such as eating, bathing, and dressing. It includes mental exercises, such as reading, speaking, and writing. It encompasses social engagements, from verbal communication, material exchange, and cooperative activity to productive labor. Everyday life is repetitive: people do the same things every day. It is also afresh: each day is a diff erent day in life. Everyday life is routine: people follow similar schedules or sequences from day to day. It is exciting as well: challenges may arise unexpectedly, whereas breakthroughs can come by huge surprise. Everyday life is trivial: people fi ll most of their day with unimportant activities. It is critical, too: one may say words, make decisions, or perform acts on any particular day that impact not only the life of various individuals, but also the fate of an organization, a community, or a country. Most important, everyday life is all about how each and every individual lives, how society sustains, how the world exists, how history unfolds, and how human civilizations progress.