chapter  4
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Over the Workplace

The workplace is where one translates one’s talents, knowledge, and skills into creation, performance, and productivity; where one compares to others to see how competitive one is; and where one refl ects upon one’s career-making journey to feel whether one has succeeded in one’s professional pursuits (Tilly and Tilly 1998; Kirchmeyer 2002; Hill et al. 2004; Tomaskovic-Devey and Stainback 2007; Vallas, Finlay, and Wharton 2009; Bosanac and Jacobs 2010; Miedaner 2010; Rubin and Brody 2011; Templar 2010; Settles, Sheng, and Zhao 2011; Volti 2011; Ballman 2012; Weisbord 2012).