chapter  V
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THE LOGIC OF SOCIAL LIVING To THE psychologist all marital problems present themselves in two aspects. The nrst is concerned with the individuals involved and their personalities, the second with the technique and methods they use in dealing with each other. It is possible to recognize the reasons for a person's actions and the nature of his difficulties by understanding his personal develepment, his pattern of life, his training, and the degree of his comprehension; and similarly, since all difficulties are social in character, and any difficulty in an individual's experience is, therefore, not his exclusive concern, it is necessary to recognize the human interactions and interrelationships which produce existing conditions and social atmospheres. Alfred Adler was the first to expose all individual problems and conHicts in their essentially social nature. In trying to understand the individual patients, he discovered the "logic of communal life," 1 also termed the "ironclad logic of living together," which the

neurotic patient disregards and offends. He formulated certain laws which must be observed in group living, wherever people wish to get along with each other. Definite rules of cooperation are essential for the preservation of every harmonious human relationship. All failures in life, all unhappiness and disappointment can be traced back to disregard and violation of the necessary rules of cooperation.