chapter  IX
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Our thoughts and feelings about love and marriage are forces in the evolutionary process. The existence of conflicting opinions indicates the process of change. Our desire to recast and remold, or our placid contentment in the present conditions influence the development. How and when we fall in love, how we experience sex, whether we marry or not, how we live with our spouse, and what we think about divorce not only affects our own life but has significance for all our contemporaries. We reinforce certain social trends and negate others, while we believe that we are minding our own business. We need to become more aware of the part we play through our opinions in the concerted strivings of mankind toward a more satisfactory way of liVing. We must learn to evaluate better the social meaning of our personal convictions and preferences. The awareness of our own role can make us more deliberate in our intentions and help us understand those beliefs of our fellow men which contradict our own. Both an attitude of deliberation and an understanding of others are essential for a democratic integration of all our existing points of view into the one current of actual evolution.