chapter  1
Alfred Adler and Adlerian Psychology: An Overview
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D Alfred Adler: A Biographical Sketch Adler was the second of six children born to a Jewish family on February 7, 1870. He was a sickly child who had rickets and suffered from spasms of the glottis. At the age of 3 years, his younger brother died in bed next to him (Mosak & Kopp, 1973). A year later, he contracted pneumonia and became seriously ill. Later, as an adult, he remembered the physician saying at that time to his father, "Your boy is lost" (Orgler, 19391 1963, p. 16). As if these experiences were not enough to impress him, he was twice run over in the streets. Though he reported no memory for how these incidents happened, he did remember recovering consciousness on the family sofa. Adler became very aware of death and vowed to become a physician in order to overcome it (Adler, 1947).