chapter  10
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Racism: the vicissitudes of racialized differences

The final caveat pertains to the fact that when we look within any cultural system, we find not homogeneity, but systems of power relations sustained by gossip and ideology. Thus, some groupings within that system will be much better off than others. The Hindu system that is experienced by the Harijan (untouchable) is very different from the one that is experienced by the Brahmin (priestly caste), and so each will introject a very different culture, which in turn will inculcate very different senses of I-ness and we-ness; this variation is also true (although in different ways and degrees) of two

As race is so hard to pin down, let me start with something apparently more tangible - the idea of Britain. We may think of Britishness in two ways, as a cultural category and as a legal category. I will begin with the first of these.