chapter  7
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– Using Grids

Depending on your needs, you can approach grids in three different ways. The first is to use them while sketching. These grids tend to be informal. They’re not mechanically precise, so they won’t be able to help you measure, but what they offer is a way to jumpstart the accuracy of your picture in the beginning stages of work. Once you have a rough composition in place, analyze the sketch and see if you can identify the underlying perspective. You’re looking for anything that can help you locate the horizon line and principal vanishing points. This information becomes the foundation for the sketching grid. A sketching grid guides you as you draw, the way lines on the road keep you from drifting out of lane. Once you take your rough sketch and revisit it using a preliminary grid, you’ll be able to see if your composition can still work once believable form and space have been imposed on it. If it can’t, you’re better off knowing now rather than finding out later.