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By no means concluded

Must we then, if we are honest, admit that it is not possible to make the Act work efficiently in the next few years? . . . It can be made to work, and work soon. What is more, I believe it will be made to work. I base my confidence on the new spirit of the common people of Britain. I am convinced that, as a people, we have made up our minds to put an end to 1939 and all that – an end to poverty and insecurity, to privilege and vested interest, to war and threats of war. We understand something of what this involves. A new democratic consciousness is arising. Already it has found practical expression in the surge of feeling which swept Labour into power at the General Election. As the municipal elections have shown, the tide is still flowing. In March it will almost certainly engulf many of the County Councils. It is sweeping away the political obstacles in the path of social, including educational advance.