chapter  5
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Drafting Learning Agreements

One open-ended device that helps to give both security and responsibility within an atmosphere of freedom is the use of student contracts. There is no doubt that this also helps to assuage the uncertainties and insecurities the facilitator may be experiencing. (Rogers, 1983:149)

Chapter Preview 'You co-ordinate a course with no pre-defined curriculum? Learners design their own individual curricula?' You will have to deal with these incredulous questions if you implement a critical self-directed learning (SDL) course. If you're like us, before your course begins, you may even find yourself feeling a bit sceptical about your proposals to share control over curriculum planning with learners. 'Will they really manage to design their own curricula?' we wondered. Only after the course had begun did we see for ourselves how rational, challenging and liberating the use of learning agreements (learning contracts) really is. Only then did we emotionally accept what we had accepted intellectually beforehand: learners can indeed share control in planning their own learning.