chapter  9
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Co-ordinating Critical Self-Directed Learning (SDL)

Throughout this book, we have emphasized that co-ordinators (and learners) need adequate orientation to each step in the critical SDL process if implementation of a watered down or perverted form of SDL is to be prevented. In this chapter, we further analyse this issue of adequate coordinator orientation. At the most basic level, critical SDL co-ordinators have a philosophical commitment to freedom, justice and equality within and outside of educational institutions. Assuming that this exists, we believe that there are three major components involved in helping educators adjust to the new role of a critical SDL co-ordinator. First, they need a radical re-conceptualization of their role to minimize the chances of their educational practice being oppressive rather than liberating. Second, they need insight into the institutional and faculty-related constraints on educational innovation to avoid being co-opted. Third, they need specific competencies to cope with the unfamiliar demands of critical SDL coordination.