chapter  3
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Generating a Competency Profile

Chapter Preview Imagine how different your career as a learner would have been if every course you did helped you gain – at your own pace – specific, openly stated competencies (knowledge, attitudes and skills) you needed at that particular point in your development. No irrelevandes. No repetition of material you have previously learned. No sense of being rushed here, or held back there. No second-guessing what you'd be tested on in an examination. These are some of the advantages (we discuss disadvantages later) of competency-based education (CBE). Heady stuff. But wait – there's more. We propose a combination of CBE with a critical self-directed learning (SDL) approach in which you as a learner are actively involved in defining the competendes you need to master, and then in dedding how you will master them, and how you'll evaluate your progress.