chapter  9
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Family Systems and Family Stress:A Family Life Cycle Perspective: David H. Olson and Yoav Lavee

Family development assumes change in family systems over time. The Circumplex Model is a dynamic model that describes types of family systems and can help explain developmental change. This chapter provides an overview of family systems and family stress across the family life cycle. Data is based on a study of over I , 000 nonclinical families from a national survey. The Circumplex Model of Marital and Family System is used as the theoretical foundation. This chapter also reviews a variety of derived and tested hypotheses that validate the Circumplex Model. It is recommended that both the newly developed self-report scales, Circumplex Assessment Package (CAP), and the Clinical/Observer Rating Scale (CRS), be used for family research. The chapter reflects the continuing attempt to further develop the Circumplex Model and facilitate systemic studies of family development across the life cycle.