chapter  13
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Family Systems Throughout the Life-Span: Interactive Constellations of Development, Meaning, and Behavior: Sally I. Powers

Within the past 10 years, a number of developmental psychologists have generated sophisticated research programs investigating the relationship between family members' interactions and various aspects of adolescent psychological and physical development. For example, Cooper and Grotevant have examined the association between family interaction and adolescent identity formation, roletaking ability, and peer relationships (Cooper, Grotevant, & Condon, 1983; Grotevant & Cooper, 1985, 1986; Cooper & Grotevant, 1987); Reiss and his colleagues have studied the correspondance between family processes and adolescent empathy and social relationships (Reiss, Oliveri, & Curd, 1983); Steinberg (Steinberg, 1981; Steinberg & Hill, 1978) and Hill (Hill, 1987; Hill & Holmbeck, 1986; Hill, Holmbeck, Marlow, Green, & Lynch, 1985) have investigated the relationship between adolescent pubertal development and changes in family interaction.