chapter  1
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Family Systems and Life-Span Development: Issues and Perspectives: Kurt Kreppner and Richard M. Lerner

In the Preface to their volume, Child influences on marital and family interaction: A life-span perspective (1978a), Richard M. Lerner and Graham B. Spanier wrote:

The volume by Lerner and Spanier was both a product and a producer of the zeitgeist within social science of the late 1970s, one that sought to understand the individual as embedded in a rich, dynamic, and interactive context. Given this zeitgeist, the theory and research dynamically linking individual development across life with the changing family system, begun in the 1970s and reflected in the chapters of the Lerner and Spanier ( 1978a) volume, burgeoned and matured through the 1980s. As such, it is both timely and useful to "take stock," to see what has been learned, and to clearly formulate the directions of the scholarly tasks that remain before us. This integration is the goal of this volume.