chapter  5
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Neurological Approaches to the Dream Problem: L. Murri, E. Bonanni, A. Stefanini, L. Goldstein, C. Navona, and F. Denoth

C. Navona and F. Denoth lstituto Elaborazione lnformazione-CNR, Pisa, Italy Data derived from electrophysiological studies, from performances in right-hemisphere - mediated tasks after REM awakenings, and from brain-lesioned patients, though not always homogeneous, suggest prevalent involvement of the right hemisphere in elaborating mental activity during sleep. This conforms with the hypothesis that the characteristics of dream content - holistic and visuospatial, with many bizarre aspects - express a prevalent right-hemisphere (RH) activity (Bakan, 1976; Broughton, 1975; Jouvet, 1973) or that the RH is more involved only in the visuospatial aspects of dreaming (Kerr & Foulkes, 1981).