chapter  3
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Studying Pretend Play in the Preschool Classroom

Example 3.1. Sam and Eddy are playing with a giraffe, a lion, and an elephant. This example starts with one exchange, then skips about 25 turns before continuing. (1) Sam Come up and fight, giraffe! (2) Eddy Oh, but don’t knock me over, (3) I have put animals in

pig. (6) I wanna be (7) Kathy(2) Sister? (8) Alicia Owp,

corner, and rarely joins Kathy in play. When Eddy asks who he can be, Kathy gives him two choices, both of them are "visitors." This play status is a reflection of the real (i.e., nonplay) fact that Eddy does not often come to the doll corner. Like most young boys, Eddy would choose to be the King rather than the princess.