chapter  9
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The phenomenal growth of the grass-roots FTM (Female-to-Male) transsexuaVtransgender community over the past decade cannot he attributed to anyone facto r o r even to a d UH;h of fa<.:tQrs. I'm su re social scient ists will have their theories, and perhaps someday it will be possible ro look ba;;k through the eyes of historians who will interpret events and come reasonably dose to the truth. But I am convinced that juS[ as there is no simple etiology for the occu rrcOI:c of transsexualism that applies to all those individuals who express its symptoms, the postula tion of one simple explanation for the rising visibility of FTM transsexuals, transvestites, and fransgenderists wil! undoubtedly generate immediate opposi tion from both within and without the FfM ranks. In fact, it is often that desire to rebut which I think ch<Hacterizes m<lfginalized people who arc in the process of defining a collective voice.