chapter  7
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Psychoanalysis in the Elderly

Psychoanalysis is the therapy of choice for patients who suffer with a pervasive disturbance of character or self of such proportions that in many areas-in their involvement in work, in their interactions with other people-there are minimal gratifications or even despair. On the other hand, people suffering with a widespread self-disturbance are often excellent achievers in intellectual or artistic pursuits or in business, but without gratification. Often these patients have attempted to obtain relief from their despair through other forms of psychotherapy, which have not been helpful. The specific indication for psychoanalysis, apart from the finding that the person has a chronic self-deficit, is that such people require a reliving and reexamining of the earliest self/selfobject relations in the repeated reliving of the archaic self/selfobject encounters in the transference analysis in order to diminish the impact of their early trauma on their present lives.