chapter  6
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Helping Family Members Forgive One Another

W hether we identify with a constructivist or an objectivist view, relationships serve as an anchor in our experience of reality. Relationships are like a cable that runs through the whole oflife and are at one time our connection to the past and the future. We experience the complex threads of the cable of intertwined relationships in something called the here-and-now even though it clearly is tied to forgotten and vague recollections in the past and runs to a speculative and unclear future. But even though the pathway of the relationship cable is not clearly seen by us, we know that it is connected. The past relationships of our previous generations as well as our experiences with our friends and families clearly affect us in our here-and-now relational experiences. In the same manner, the relationship decisions we now make contribute to cable strength or weakness in the future. Changes in the relational structure now no doubt impact on and determine the relationships that we have in the future and in many ways affect our unborn lineage.